Hi everyone, here's a reminder of our commitment to you, under the different Covid-19 Alert Levels...
Level 1 - We will:
Display a QR code for contact tracing
Ensure staff/volunteers stay home if sick or unwell
Have stand down periods for our staff/volunteers following travel or ill health
Maintain hand and equipment hygiene practices
Have hand sanitizer available
Emphasize that all toys must be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water (or with something with at least 60% alcohol) before being returned
Recommend you clean (and check/count) new borrowed toys before sharing them with your family.
Level 2 - In addition to the protocols under Alert Level 1, we will:
Ensure compulsory use of hand sanitizer before entering the building.
Limit numbers to two families in the library at a time, to ensure physical distancing of at least 2m.
Place all returned toys into quarantine.
Ask that you count the toys yourself, with a supervisor watching – to avoid cross contamination.
Suspend our holds option.
Levels 3 and 4 – We will be closed

Papanui Community Toy Library Fees:

All our memberships expire on 31st March each year.

The fees decrease each month to reflect the amount of months left in the year.

January: Duty $70, Non Duty $170  (Early bird price, pay for 13.5 months)

February: Duty $70, Non Duty $170  (Early bird price, pay for 13 months)

March: Duty $80, Non Duty $180

April: Duty $80, Non Duty $180

May: Duty $75, Non Duty $170

June: Duty $70, Non Duty $160

July: Duty $65, Non Duty $150

August: Duty $60, Non Duty $140

September: Duty $55, Non Duty $130

October: Duty $50, Non Duty $120

November: Duty $45, Non Duty $110

December: Duty $40, Non Duty $100

We have a Community Services Card Fee of $50 all year round for DUTY ONLY  (You will need to bring this in as well).