W21: Pirate Ship Water Table

Pirate Ship Water Table photo
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  • Category: W
  • No Pieces: 13
  • Manufacturer: Little Tikes
  • Age: 2-3 years
  • Storage: : String Bag


Land Ahoy!


1 x Bag

1 x Pirate Table with Red Slide, Brown Plank, Green/Yellow Anchor, Blue/Yellow Cannon, Brown/Yellow Wheel Attached

1 x Centre Piece with Two Flags, Crows Nest, Yellow/Red Spinner Attached

1 x Red/Blue Bucket

2 x Cups, One with Holes (Blue, Green)

1 x Red/White Life Ring

1 x Green/White Boat

2 x Yellow Spinning Wheels

2 x Pirates

1 x Shark